Two movies, one drama the other short stories

the first movie is about a woman that is very rich and old and she tries to look younger through plastic surgeries. It’s drama, and I remember a scene, two maids gossip about her, that is pointless to hide 10 years from her real age. The other movie is about short stories, I remember that I heard for the first time the word press pappier, and a man was walking on a stair and suddenly got blind in his mind and he was seeing another scene like somebody got in his body.

Maybe this: ASH WEDNESDAY (1973) Elizabeth Taylor, Henry Fonda - YouTube

Or: “Mirror, Mirror”: MIRROR, MIRROR 1979 TVM Loretta Swit - YouTube

Plastic surgery is a very recurring topic: Sort by Release Date - Movies and TV Shows tagged with keyword "plastic-surgery" (ascending) - IMDb

Good luck :slight_smile: