Two people in space

It was in a ship travelling to a planet or something far away from earth and they were in hibernation and everyone on earth has died then a man woke up confused then tries to go to the cockpit but fails then he wakes up a woman then she ignores him because she found out he woke her up, then the captain wakes up and theres problems with the ship then he dies and the guy goes out of the ship to fix it then he is unconscious then the woman brings him back to the ship then he lives then they grew grass and a tree inside the ship

“Passengers” (2016)


Hey, @gonzi, I am pretty sure the above is the movie you are looking for. Would you be so kind and come back to give us a feedback on that?


Passengers 2016, Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt.
(I have over 4000 moives and series, but that is a good one. Remembered it right away.)