Two travel groups are made to unknowingly share the same hotel rooms in Paris

I am trying to find the title of an East Asian movie I watched on a flight around 2014 (give or take 5 years), most probably Japanese, but it could have been Korean or Chinese. Two rookie travel agents, a young man and a young woman, have started independent travel agencies but soon realize that their offerings are too expensive to attract customers. They team up, reserve a block of rooms at the same hotel in Paris, and have one group of travelers uses the rooms during the daytime and the othter group at night. They market their respective trips so that people interested in nightlife (nightclubs, opera, Moulin Rouge) make reservations in one group, and people interested in daytime activities (Louvre, Champs Elysees) make reservations in the other group. After flying to Paris and arriving at the hotel, every morning and every night the belongings of one group are removed from each room and replaced with the belongings of the other group, meticulously placed exactly how they were left. However, the guests start noticing small anomalies, and a series of humorous events follows. But things end well.

Chateau De La Reine (Ôhi no yakata, 2015).

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