Ugly Indian girl comes to America to meet her finance but he doesn’t want her

I forgot about a 2000s movie I had watched when I was kid and I was trying to find it but nothing worked. This is what I know - An Indian girl is bethrothed when she is young to a very handsome boy. When she grows up she wants to finally meet him again and get married but he’s in America. So she goes and finds out he is with a another beautiful woman. She then finds a “white” boy and they become friends. He decides to help her become pretty to get with her fiancé. In the end she becomes so beautiful she falls in love with the white boy and her fiancé finally wants her. She proceeds to date the other guy and humiliate her fiancé.

I would really appreciate if someone could help me find this movie, I believe it is fro. The 2000s, like those cheer movies.

was this movie “cocktail”
here is the trailer