Uk traumatized male police detective

Saw this on tv few years before covid. Didnt recognize any of the actors and i wrote down the wrong name. Been searching onsites and streaming platforms but havent found. Here goes the plot: Boy is traumatized as youth with vague memory of girl he was with being shot by old man at a strange house in woods for no apparent reason. Showed up on sreets in fugue state. Many in town blamed him so he moved away. As adult he is police detective and there is murder of old woman in his home town. He is sent there to investigate. Turns out chip shop owners son killed the woman because of boices that wint leave him alone. Since there is a chip shop it has to be set in uk somewhere but my memory says it wasnt in English, so Ireland, Cornwall? I think it was aseries or mini series. Help please. Driving me a bit mad. Also of note: strange church, property deal going bad, local female alcoholic journalist, possibly ghosts, folk magic. Young woman found hung.


Maybe “The Gloaming”?