Unraveling the Enigma: Seeking a Forgotten Tale of Cults, Corruption, and Conspiracies

I’m looking for a movie or TV series that I saw and forgot the name of. It revolves around a cult in an abandoned town, where the sheriff collaborates with the cult. Within the cult, there’s a member who is a mother of a girl that escaped from the town and started a regular life. After numerous attempts, the cult members and the mother succeed in bringing the girl back by showing her a flower during a school ceremony or something similar. Because the girl was brainwashed, it works. I believe the cult members wear masks resembling black crows, and perhaps the leader of the cult is bald.

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Just a guess, maybe?:
“The Cult” (2021) (TV Movie)

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Anothe guess, maybe?:
“Devil in Ohio” (2022) (TV mini-series)