US movie about street cops, lots of night scenes, possile time/numeric element in name

Can’t be that obscure as I watched it as an in flight movie once.

A moody film focusing on street cops and their partners. I remember one of the cops was a woman of chinese origin who had her competence under doubt by her colleagues. Eventually she got beaten up by some crook. I remember when that guy was arrested he asked the arresting officer why they didn’t shoot him, and the reply was something like “it’s been a long night”.

Possibly a geographical, numerical and / or time element in the name. “Jersey 2:56”, “Philedelphia 720”…

Thanks in advance.

“End of Watch” (2012)?

In this one they beat up a female police officer of Asian origins.
Quote from the Wikipedia page of the movie:
" One night, Taylor and Zavala respond to a call from their rookie fellow officer, Sook. Arriving on scene, they find her partner Van Hauser has been stabbed through the eye, and rescue Sook from being savagely beaten nearby; both survive but promptly retire."