Want to find An old INDIAN horror movie

Alright so this is an Indian movie it’s pretty old. What I remember is that there was this girl who had scary visions about a ghost or something. Then she goes with her husband or bf to investigate in a town. She meets an old mother and that old mother tells her a story that she had a daughter who was young like around 10 11 and she died. The mother really missed her so she used black magic to alive her. The black magic was like dropping blood drops on her mouth. The when that was happening a guy came into the house and wanted some signatures from the women he was basically forcing her. So the Total amount of blood drop that was supposed to be dropped on her face was around like 3 but then bcz that guy wasn’t letting the mother to stop the blood from dropping, more than 3 drops of blood was dropped on the daughters mouth and then something bad happened and the daughter becomes possessed by something bad. That’s literally all I remember

this is a hindi indian film or native american?