War movie about 3 soldiers in a house waiting

this is a movie in which 3 soldiers are in a house waiting for the rest of the army to come and get them. there is a scene where while two of the soldiers are sitting on post one of them is roasting a chicken and even slightly burns it. while they are waiting for the Germans as well who for the killed. The first German they see kills him, the second also, but the third imperceptibly enters the house and catches them, but the soldiers communicate with stories from a book with, for example, “I have a knife in my left pocket” and so one soldier throws the knife at him and hits.
They take this German hostage and go with him to find the other soldiers on the road, but they see a house and inside they see German soldiers, one sneaks in and kills all the soldiers while they are sleeping and then blows up the house with a bomb. Then they go through the forest and a German beats one of the soldiers but his friend beats him but unfortunately he dies…

In the film, the soldiers do not speak much out loud, but only with their eyes and with quotes from books

And yea my english is not good but i want to find the movie

plus i think the was in HBO GO for a while

its a old movie

Not a perfect match, and not that too old, but there are some similarities, maybe
“The Last Rescue” (2015)?

And that i search its aaaa i dont know the word like very very small amount made and old but colored