War movie (newish)

I’m trying to find this movie it’s newer and the one scene I definitely remember is there is a man and a woman in a missile control room, the guy is having second thoughts about remotely dropping a missile/ bomb on the main characters the woman tells him to follow orders…

This scenes I’m not 100% sure about but I think the man who dropped the missle also ended up in a weird situation where he was having sex with a lady and her husband came to watch…

I don’t think this dude was the main character but the missle he ended up dropping nearly landed on the protagonist (s)

The protagonist was rescuing someone or helping someone out when the missle got dropped (desert type landscape)

Please help! It’s driving me nuts :sweat_smile:

Not sure about the sex scene but the misslie part sounds like it could be from Eye in the Sky or Good Kill

That sounds like the really weird subplot that went absolutely nowhere in the first season of Jack Ryan on Amazon. It might be this episode: