Watched on a plane and can’t remember the name

There was a European movie (potentially Swedish?) where a woman invited her friend of similar age to her male friend’s mansion to hang out. The three are on a cushion/sofa in the middle of a room; The man offers ecstasy to the one woman, she accepts. Then they offer to the newly welcomed woman, she says she should leave. My memory skips forward to the party the man is holding in the evening. People are wearing masquerade face pieces, getting sexual while dancing and others in separate rooms. I remember I really enjoyed the soundtrack, full of deeply emotional classical and deep EDM (my memory might be wrong, about the genre however I did fancy the music). Then, later that evening the woman walks into a room where at the end of the hallway against the wall someone is tied up about to be sacrificed. The movie quickly turns dark and people on drugs are getting slaughtered. Of course, the woman says they can’t do this then tried to leave. They chase her… I believe she ends Up back on a plane home

I believe it was fairly recent within the last 5 years. Could’ve been Russian as well. Definitely European.

Was hoping Someone would know


Hey VHS!! I appreciate you replying. 90% of the movie was in the guy’s mansion

I have been digging hard but finding very little. Did it have nudity? when approx did you see it? Could it be spanish? A horror film?

Thank you so much. You’re the MVP. It’s a thriller. Definitely nudity. Could have been Spanish… Definitely European. Around 2014-2018… seemed to be produced during that time

I almost want to say it was either on a list for steamy foreign thrillers/mysteries or most disturbing movies of all time.

compulsion aka sadie


You’re a damn legend!!! Do they pay you to be as good as you are at finding films???

I am glad that is it. I just do it to repay the help someone once gave me. enjoy

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