What is the movie name

A football player and a fashion designer meet on a boat on a trip, and an emotional relationship develops between them. The boat breaks down, and while it is being repaired, the girl gets to know the player’s aunt, falls in love with her, and finds a beautiful painting with her.
The two lovers agree not to meet for a year until they are sure of the sincerity of their feelings, and to meet after a year on the roof of the highest building in the city.
After a year has passed, while the girl was gone, she had a collision with a car and lost the ability to walk. She did not meet her lover, who became extremely sad.
The young man’s aunt dies and he puts the painting up for sale, and the girl finds out and buys the painting
The player succeeds in his work and receives a job offer in another country. Before traveling, he goes to the girl to find out why she did not meet him on the roof of the building, but he is surprised that she bought the painting, that she is paralyzed, that she was in an accident, and that she still loves him.


“See You Soon” (2019)?

Quote from the IMDb synopsis:
“To support herself and her son she takes a job as a bartender at a cruise liner while her mother takes care of her son. On the ship she meets Ryan, an American soccer star that has received a career threatening injury and is trying to get away from the pressure.”


An Affair to remember .


I found it. It’s a remake of Love Affair from 1939, made in 1994 using the same title.