What is the name of that horror series?

Good day. When I was very young there was this horror television episode in which a nun was mutilated by a monster. At the end, the monster is destroyed after someone throws the dead nun’s pendant into its mouth. Could anyone please help?

i dug very hard and found not much so far. what year approx. do you think you saw it? you are sure it was a tv episode? are we thinking anthology horror tv like tales from the crypt, outer limits, etc., or more like night stalker?

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I appreciate your hard work in looking in to this. The following episode told a story of a female ghost that was vanquished by locating and burning its remains. If I remember correctly, it used to claw at its victims. My brother said he recalls an episode in which the villain could control fire, and was killed by his own powers at the end. That is the only piece of extra information I can think of. Maybe it was not an anthology, but it had different storylines. Thanks again for your efforts.

can you provide an approx year you saw it? the answers i see are coming from late 60s…

I saw it somewhere between 1999 and 2004 on TV. I don’t know the release date though.

A movie name Dark Waters from 1994 has a similar premise. Was it a tv show or film?

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It was a tv show with multiple episodes. I so wish I got the name.

please look at this “night stalker” and see if anything clicks about it.

i cannot find specifics about a nun and monster anywhere? but that burning remains (supernatural did that), and the fire guy seem to click with me on many different shows…

Thank you for your response. It is so unbelievable that I cannot recall the name. I can remember charmed, nightman, 7 days, the outer limits, the amazon, fear itself, supernatural, nikita; yet I cannnot remember the one I want the most. All I remember is this guy rotating a chain in his hand and releasing it into the mouth of a beast/demon/creature. I also remember a bloody chain fall to the ground after a nun was malled earlier in the story. The very chain that killed the monster. She would hold on to that chain and pray. During the coarse of the episode I did not expect the monster to get to her. I thought she was a significant character.

I found it!

poltergeist: the legacy “bones of st. anthony”

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You are quite impressive. To be honest, I did not expect anyone to figure it out. 1996 huh? I really am outdated, both literally and figuratively.

Wow, you are the real deal.

VHS_LIVES you are the Man. You are the Man!

You are most welcome. If you can pass my test, the super hard one, you know you have skill and ingenuity, and I really mean that. Applying imdb knowledge and intuition the way you did is commendable. You are truly one to behold. Thanks again! Enjoy the rest of your day.