What is the name of this certain horror movie?

Hi, could anyone help determine what horror movie I’m thinking about?

I think it was some kind of urban modern day of a guy searching for a lost friend or family member type of story? The main character might have been a cop, or at least someone just trying to investigate what happened. And as they get closer to finding whoever they’re looking for, their encounters get more and more disturbing and the plot goes in the direction of everything not being as it seems.

I think there’s one scene where they make their way into a warehouse of some kind, and there’s a kind of cult inside (not like crazy people robes, but just normal dressed people) and they’re sitting in a circle in the middle of the floor, then they all stand up and eerily stare at the main character as he approaches.

And I think throughout the movie there’s themes or tones of hopelessness and nihilism sort of?

Language: English

Genre: Horror

Release Date: Should be within the past 10 years

Release: I don’t remember if it was a theater release movie or a stream-exclusive movie, but I watched it through a stream service (forgot if it was Netflix or HBO Max, but something like that)

Main Character: I think white male, fair skin, brown hair

Setting: dreary urban American city, I think it had a sort of Chicago aesthetic, like that foggy blue color filter, and some settings like bridge underpasses with graffiti on them, and abandoned warehouses.

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The Empty Man?

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