What is the name of this movie or tv series?

Hello was at a restaurant and this scene of a movie or tv series was playing and it definitely caught my attention please help me figure out the name of it please!

So there’s this east asian guy who goes to small store what appears to be in a china town in a big city. He buys a flower and returns home to his apartment and places it in a small vase next to a woman’s picture who I assume might be his wife. Either his wife or lover who has passed on or something. She appears a few times in bed and behind him kinda like a ghost but nothing happens. He appears to have a hard time moving on and is grieving. One night he is out and comes across a few Asian women in black dresses going to a party or something. He witnesses one of the women being abducted by a few men and who aren’t Asian and he runs to where they are driving off with her in some dark alley place. He runs up the vehicle and a guy comes out and pretty much tells him to mind his business. He’s runs off but stays in the area watching as they leave her on the road he runs to her and saves her the scene cuts to him and her walking back to where she was going she catches up with her friends asking her what happened. She thanks the man and writes on a napkin or something that’s she’s free to meet him for a date. Friday at 7 I think is what it said.
That’s all I managed to get and see I really hope this helps!! I really been thinking about this and it’s got me intrigued to see it! This doesn’t look like an old movie maybe from the 00s or 2010s nothing older then that.

It kind of sounds like one of the ip man movies