What is this film called - three friends are killed about the same time, their spirits dont pass over and an exorcist comes to free them


Three people (husband/wife and hisband’s friend) are killed at almost the same time (during a storm) and due to their connection and similar times of death their spirits keep on going through the day they were killed and what they did on that day repeatedly, until they get exorcised in the last scene of the film, we don’t know they are dead until the end and neither do they.

One is killed driving over in a Jaguar XJ40 car through a storm to visit him at his ‘selfish’ demand, His wife? (unsure if girlfriend or wife) is killed in a plane crash and he himself falls down the steps of his tower at his mansion.

The main protagonist has a stuck-up but joking accent, I think he is an author in the film.

The whole film, is set in quite a lot of darkness.