What is this Foreign Horror Movie about a Psycho Killer filming or being filmed through the day?

I think it’s from the 90’s but i believe it was shot in black & white, i would say french but i could be wrong. It was very shocking and graphic. The killer is filming his whole day(even the kills) or is being filmed by someone (who ends up dead as well i believe) Also i remember something about a Trumpet and a child. Now that i think about it it could have been shot in color after all. It was kinda made like a found footage film or at least a gritty homevideo kind of deal Please find this one for me

Man Bites Dog (1992)?


Have to agree with Kramerjp, Man Bites Dog (1992) is a perfect fit. Man Bites Dog trailer (2019) - YouTube

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100% will be man bites dog

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