What is this movie from around 2019 where everyone in the world is suddenly blind or deaf?(Not Bird Box)

it came out a year or so after Bird box 2018…the whole world population got blind or deaf a big group of people are staying at an old hospital or something, everything is white, they even wear white clothes i believe. There is a woman and a man and one of them is starting to see or hear again but has to keep it a secret. I think there was a incident involving food or rations or such. Maybe a stabbing and some blood as well. I though it had Mark Ruffalo or Stanley Tucci in it but i checked them out…Hmmm what the heck was it? Help please

Regarding Tucci, you’re probably mixing it with The Silence, which has one deaf person:

But you’re probably looking for “Blindness”, which does have Mark Ruffalo and the story you describe: