What movie hairy caveman gets speared in his mouth?

Please help with title of caveman movie!:pray: A tribe of hairy, ape-like cavemen attack a tribe of less hairy cavemen and a battle ensues. In the battle, a hairy caveman gets speared through his head, via his mouth.:dizzy_face: The hairy cavemen also drag away women from the tribe being attacked. Appears to be a 60’s or 70’s vintage movie. There used to be clips of this scene on the internet, and now they are nowhere to be found!:frowning:

check out
Creatures The World Forgot (1971)
Went to see this as a kid, but my Mom made us leave because of the near-nudity & violence…


I believe it is “Quest for Fire”.

La Guerre du feu

Battle starts at 9:55 / Spear through the mouth at 12:00