What's that horror anthology movie a few years back?

I thought it had tony todd in it but i guess not. the stories were told by a funeral director or coroner. A woman comes over to talk to him but then he tells her these stories (it could have been the other way around tho) After the 3 stories there’s a huge twist i think

Tony Todd plays a mortician in the Final Destination (2000) film
and its series sequels.
He meets up with the main characters and tells them the nature of Death and how it cannot be cheated.

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In the original Tales From The Hood (1995) movie,
Clarence Williams III (yes, Linc from Mod Squad) plays a mortician who
tells three creepy stories to kids who break into his mortuary.
There was also a Tales From The Hood 2 (2018) with Keith David as the mortician
and Tales From The Hood 3 (2020) with Tony Todd with the same format.

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mortuary collection?