Witch movie or series

The movie or series im looking for is about a girl, wich is in a school, and starts to find she has powers, with the help of other girl. Kind of witch. In a scene she falls from a building and breaks her neck but comed back to life.

“Superpower Girl” (2017)?
“I Am Not Okay with This” (2020) (TV series)?

Nope. This other girl is a witch or has powers too. She helps this newcomer to release her powers. In this scene, wich looks like they´re on a party, in a fraternity, there is 4 or 5 girls on top of this building, and our protaginst falls, breaks her neck, but come back to life.

The Secret Circle?

Nope… its recent… kinda.

“The Twilight Zone” Among the Untrodden (TV Episode 2020)?

at the 5.35