Woke up at 3 am, and this movie was on Cinemax. Nobody believes this movie actually exists

So, essentially, my friends believe this movie was just a dream I had, but I’m certain it’s real; bear with me.

I woke up towards the end (it looked like it had about 40 minutes left based on the cable box’s guide), and I was dropped into a detective story where two cops were on the hunt for a corrupt politician. This seems pretty standard fare, but the issue was that the final scenes involved a chase through a fake anus factory. The man they questioned, who I believe is the owner of the factory, had a golden/brass anus. They find out the politician is there, and chase him through the factory. As he’s about to get away, one cop reaches into a bucket of rejected anuses and throws it towards the politician, wrapping around his legs and restraining him. As they stand over him, the politician shouts “You can’t do anything, I have diplomatic immunity!” The cop proceeds to pull a bullet out of his pocket, swings his arm in propellor motion fast enough that it starts to blur, and throws the bullet through this man’s head.

I believe this was between 2009-2013, and it looked fairly recent at that time.

Please tell me this movie exists. Extensive searches have yielded nothing so far. Thank you.

it was in english? a detective spoof? what were they chasing the guy for? when you say anus do you mean like a plastic butt?

were all the characters white, or was the main cop black like “black dynamite”?

also was he fat like “torrente”?