Woman advertising running shoes find killer slogan

A woman working for an ad agency is tasked with finding a good slogan for running shoes (à la “Nike”). She struggles at first and then has a kind of epiphany thanks to particular events / observations, and she finds a great slogan for the brand.
If I recall correctly, there are some points around the fact that the running woman in the ad is “natural”, no make-up, can be herself.

Thanks in advance !

“What Women Want” (2000)?

Helen Hunt and Mel Gibson work on a Nike ad campaign for women, and Nike likes their ideas. Quote from the movie’s above Wikipedia page:
" However, he steals Darcy’s idea for a new Nike ad campaign aimed at women, though he later regrets his actions, especially as it leads to Dan firing Darcy."

Thanks for your quick answer. That’s it indeed.

I’m watching too many movies and TV series so I’m mixing things up… I really thought it was a very recent movie, with a woman pitching the idea ; which is why I never thought of “What Women Want”.