Woman gets her dress caught in door

For years I’ve been trying to find the name of this film or tv show. This is what I remember:

A woman (cartoon) wearing a dress gets her dress caught in a door. She’s basically walking through a room. As she starts walking the dress starts fraying up her legs. You see her white legs. She then notices her dress thread has been rising and her dress is coming undone. She looks at the camera, says “Oh *or something” and pulls her dress from the door to cover her legs.

It’s a cartoon. I remember watching this on VHS in the 90’s maybe even early 00’s. This is the only scene I remember. Please can someone help me it’s bugged me for years.

She kinda looks like Cruella, but from what I can remember this is not from any Disney movie. It’s a cartoon animation. She’s a white lady in a black dress and slim.

Thank you!!!

Its not Betty Boop is it?