Young boy decide to live

So, sometime before 2020 and after 2012, I watched a trailer on YouTube, the trailer started, or at least had, a young boy, I guess round 20 years, sitting on the couch, or maybe lying, he was watching tv, or something like that, before the doorbell rings, he ask to his mother, to see what is, but she doesn’t answer, so decides rise himself, and goes to the door, he opens, there’s no one, except, a tape, in the carpet, probably in some package, i don’t remenber, if it was, an audio or video tape, maybe, there’s something written, i just know, that what had in the tape, was some type of “coach”, who made him pick bike , and start to go, I don’t know, if it was, to some place, or just “go without destiny”, and in the path, in a road, he bump, in a police car, where a woman, out, to ask if him was okay, and he star to be in love with her, sounds like, a “coach movie”, and propably, made in USA, from what i remember, the message of the movie, was something like “you need to live”

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