Younger divorce lawyer in a law firm gets divorced maybe based in the 50's

I watched this movie in the mid 70’s, but I think it was older then, maybe 40’s or 50’s. The younger lawyer goes through a divorce and tells the elder lawyer that he is going to win. The older, wiser lawyer advises him that no one wins in a divorce. The remark at the end of the movie is what has stuck with me all these years. The younger asks the elder why it is that the elder’s generation tends to remain married while the younger’s generation was divorcing. The elder’s response was that when we got married, we did not expect anything. I was in my 20’s when I watched that movie and I still remember the elder lawyer’s remark.

“Blume in Love” (1973)?

That sure sounds like it. It was so long ago that I do not remember who was in it. I will watch it. Thank you.