An episode "24" with Dennis Hopper as Victor Drazen and very violent scene

I was thinking it is only episode from action TV series and I am almost sure that it isn’t “Prison Break” or “Oz”. There is a possibility that my brain is mixing two or more movies, but I’m looking for my scene again. It isn’t nothing from typical prison series or movies, definitely (I checked every popular movie or an episode in IMDB search engine). I watched between 2000 and 2003 max and I am sure that it is my “mistake” because it isn’t any “prison” movie and I’m not right.

First “prisoner” is released by a tough guy (he is a tall and well-built man, probably long haired) , because a moment earlier the “warden” told him: “You are free to go”. It’s a similar scene to Tommy Williams “The Shawshank Redemption”, but it isn’t. Then, a man walks down a long prison corridor/hallway. The same 'warden" shoots him in the back (the man was totally not expecting it) and kills him with one shot. He then says to the other “prisoner” (similar to Ray Liotta I think): “You’re going to get tired” or “You will suffer”.

I got an answer from user cary_granite that it could be “24” tv series - season 1. “Something very similar happens in an episode of 24, season 1. Dennis Hopper with an East European accent plays the “warden.” (Actually a colonel or general for some rogue military unit.) He shoots the first guy after saying he’s free, then makes a threat to the second guy. I don’t know what episode it takes place in.”

Is it possible?

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Season 1, Episode 21?

UPDATE (March 21): Hey, wositelec, I downloaded the “24” episode in question, Season 1, Episode 21, and I watched all those scenes in which Dennis Hopper is, but none of the scenes plays out as you described in your question at all, so I do not think this is the movie/episode you are looking for.
Based on the IMDb keywords for the other four episodes which Dennis Hopper is in, those other four episodes do not fit the bill.

I have not seen this episode, but Dennis Hopper is in the episode and someone gets shot in the back. There is a secret detention center, jail cell and prisoner in this episode. Dennis Hopper is only in 5 episodes of “24”, and this is the only episode from those five that fits your description.

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In your previous post (Violent prison, long corridor, sadistic guard - movie or an episode from USA), you mention it could be Quincy M.E.
I skimmed through the episode here: Quincy, M. E. Season 5 : TVSTAR : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
Couldn’t find the scene you’re looking for.