Violent prison, long corridor, sadistic guard - movie or an episode from USA

You are my last hope - it is extremely hard question. I was looking for this movie since many (at least 15-20) years, but no effect. It isn’t “Shawshank Redemption”, although it contains similar scene (a warden kills Tommy Williams, but it isn’t.)

I’m looking for the title of the prison movie or TV series from 80’s or 90’s. Definitely USA. I remember only short and violent scene, perhaps at the start of episode/movie. Two men are prisoners. Perhaps, they are brothers or only buddies. They wears blue jeans and light blue denim or chambray work shirts. Their main opposite man is nefarious prison guard. The warden says to prisoner: “You are free, so you go home”, so the prisoner goes slowly (not runs). When he goes through long corridor and he is backed, warden shot him (short pistol, not rifle or shotgun) in his back. Unfortunately, the prisoner is dead (it was sudden and lethal shot in the back). Then, prison guard says to second prisoner: “You will be suffer”. Second prisoner is scared, he cried probably and kneeled.

I am sure that it was something in style state prison, because according to Wikipedia: “Blue jeans and light blue denim or chambray work shirts became the norm, a tradition still followed in some state prison systems today. I don’t remember other details.”

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I am trying to place the scene… Maybe Felon?
Felon (2008) - IMDb

I think about “Quincy M.E.” and an episode entitled “Riot” - unfortunately it isn’t online available. I am not sure that it is “my” movie.

Quincy and Sam are called to a prison to help investigate the murder of one of the inmates. Once there they soon find themselves held hostage by the prisoners when they begin a riot.User planktonrules wrote:
“Riot” begins inside a prison. It’s soon very obvious that the warden is a jerk–the sort of guy who inflames the prisoners and makes small problems huge. Soon, a prisoner dies and the inmates assume one of the guards killed him. After all, he was a brutal guy and loved mistreating them. So it isn’t surprising that a riot breaks out and the prisoners take many of the guards prisoner–including the guy they think is responsible for the death. Unfortunately, Sam and Quincy are in the middle of this, as they were called in to examine the dead prisoner’s body–and they are taken prisoner by the rioters. Fortunately, one of the rioters (Al White) is not such a hot-head and he is able to influence some of the prisoners to use caution and restraint. Without him, Sam and Quincy as well as the other prisoners would be goners. Quincy is able to get the men to give him time to finish the autopsy before they take their next step. However, there are two huge problems–Sam is forced to stay behind with the prisoners while Quince goes back to the lab and the warden seems to be doing everything he can to escalate the situation! Can Quincy figure out what happened as well as save his friend?
This is a very taut and well made episode–and among the best of season five. It’s made better by Al White’s guest appearance. He is a solid actor and has a real presence about him throughout the show. And, if you see him and can’t quite place where you saw him before, think of the movie “Airplane!”. He was one of the two black men who spoke through subtitles!"

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It is some similar, but I didn’t find full version, so I am not sure.

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It is some similar too, but I didn’t find full version as well.

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Any idea? I am sure that it drama or prison episode from 80’s or 90’s (between 1983 and 1997 probably).

I think about “Unshackled” (2000) or “River Red” (1998), but it is too rare, so it is almost impossible to find.