Cant remember name of it :( Need your help please! Late 1990s or 2000s Movie, Younger Brother & Older Sister left orphans

Hello all! And thanks for who can help me out.

Cant remember name of this movie, name is on tip of my tongue…Need your help please,

From my vague memories it goes like this:

Late 1990s or 2000s Movie, a younger brother and an older sister are left orphans after mommy and daddy had fatal car accident maybe? They get in custody of uncle/auntie or neighboors/close friends, while they start feeling uncomfortable living with them, the older sister finds out the parents actually left a fortune inheritance/life insurance money for them, and thats why the custody family wanted them. Older sister fights against evil stepfather/mom and wins it at the end. All something like this…

Let me know. Thanks.

lemony snicket?

Nope , i know Lemony Snicket well :)) thanks for the try.

is this questioner looking for the same film?

Nope, the clues dont match also, the girl i remember should be 15-18 yo, and the brother 10-13. The house where they lived on step family was white…

The Glass House?

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Unfortunately it’s not the Glass House , but you came close. Basicly its the same plot… Girl looks the same and the small brother. Its a movie without famous actors too, from what i remember. Maybe it went under the radar since long. Pretty hard to find :frowning: could it be Canadian production or something like this, hmm

glass house: the good mother?

Hello! Still not it, house its not that one, actors too. Looks like the ripoff Glass House with Sobieski. Gotta keep looking :((