Trying to find a movie I watched years ago(please help)

So I watched this movie years ago and I barely remember it.I guess it was a Chinese or Japanese or even Korean movie (not sure which one). I guess the movie started like this: a kid fell in front of subway and a guy jumped to save the kid and he got hit by train himself but he disappeared suddenly like when people looked he wasn’t there anymore and no blood or anything. I don’t remember much else he kinda get into a group of people who fought monsters or sth I guess they had this vehicles which looked like a metal magical ball (I sound stupid I know but I really want to find it) and at the end of movie they were fighting some kind of super powerful goddess which had a lot of hands I guess and they were dying one after the other and thats all I remember😂 I hope someone knows the movie

Sounds a bit like Gantz, a Japanese anime. They also made a move of it:

“Haunters” (2010), original Korean title: " Cho-neung-ryeok-ja" (2010)?

Quote from the movie’s above Wikipedia page:
“Kyu-nam chases Cho-in to a metro station, where Cho-in commands a mother to throw her infant child against a speeding train. Kyu-nam saves the child, but is struck by the train and left by Cho-in to die. However, he recovers from his wounds once more.”